November 2017 News & Events


Newtonville Books on November 16 at 7PM

Three authors talk about their paths to publication and what comes next. Join us for a terrific panel led by novelist and BAC member, Erica Ferencik (The River at Night, Gallery / Scout Press) with Annie Harnett (Rabbit Cake, Tin House Books) and Kelly Ford (Cottonmouths, Skyhorse

Publishing) at Newtonville Books, Newton MA on Thursday, November 16th starting at 7:00 p.m. 

BAC Featured Author Interview: Grace Lin on Writing, Illustrating, and Which Comes First 

Grace Lin’s most recent novel When the Sea Turned to Silver won theBAC’s Julia Ward Howe award for 2016 Young Reader books and was selected as a National Book Finalist. In this month’s featured interview, Lin discusses the interplay of outlining, writing, and illustrating her work.

Q: Readers of When the Sea Turned to Silver are transported to a timeless, magical world that is compelling for all ages. Did you write it with a fixed plot in mind or did the story unfold to lead you in unexpected directions? 

Thanks! Well, I have kind of a plot when I begin. I usually have an outline with idea scenes of how the story will unroll when I begin writing. Unfortunately, once I begin writing, it usually all goes out the window and I have to rework on the fly. However, the ending stayed the same. It was the journey to get there that changed.

Q: Your illustrations are equally magical. Could you describe how the illustrations and text come together in the process of your writing? Do you write the text and then move on to the illustrations? Or do you move between illustration and text as the book evolves?

For me, I began as an illustrator. So when I have to write description, I usually just visualize what an illustration of the scene would look like and write it down. However, because it takes so long to draw and paint and because the writing can change easily, I never do the illustrations until after the writing is done. After all the writing is done, I usually pick the scenes that were most vivid to me as I imagined them and illustrate those.

Q:  When the Sea Turned to Silver has two earlier companion books, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon and Starry River of the Sky. Do you have a favorite among these three?

Are there more to come?

I think I am proudest of When the Sea Turned to Silver because it was such a bear to write. I can’t believe I was able to muscle through that one! I’m not sure if there will be more to come. I have a couple ideas, but nothing very solid. I’m definitely just going to let any potential ideas just simmer and see.

Q: Could you talk about what projects and books you are working on for 2018?

I have a five-year daughter and with her, I’ve rediscovered the beauty of picture books. So, I’m returning to picture books for a little while. My next book is called A BIG MOONCAKE FOR LITTLE STAR, out in August 2018. It’s a big departure for me in terms of art style but I am excited about it. 


Publishers with 2017 titles meeting the BAC Awards Criteria are encouraged to submit their books to be considered for Julia Ward Howe prizes. To enter the competition, publishers must submit two copies of each eligible title, along with a fee of $35 dollars per title. Checks should be made out to the Boston Authors Club. Eligible authors may also submit their books directly, with the same fee.

The submission deadline for eligible books published in 2017 is January 31, 2018. Please send your books and your checks to: Boston Authors Club, Attn: Mary Cronin, 2400 Beacon Street, Unit 208, Chestnut Hill, MA. 02467

Criteria for Julia Ward Howe award eligibility include:

·       The books must be published the year prior to the award being given.

·       Authors must live or work within 100 miles of Boston the year their books are published.

·       Books published in print are eligible unless otherwise noted in the criteria. Edited books, textbooks and reference books are not eligible. Self-published and digital-only books are not eligible.

 Outstanding books that are not selected as category winners may be recognized as Finalists at the Awards program in Fall 2018, with no monetary prizes attached.

BAC Member News

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John J. Ronan, poet, playwright, movie producer, and journalist will be reading his poems at the Aeronaut Brewery 14 Tyler St., Somerville, on November 8, 6:00 - 8:00(sponsored by Porter Sq. Books)

Ronan also read from his works at the Book Shop of Beverly Farms, Beverly Farms, MA on October 12, 2017.

The Rules of Magic.PNG

Alice Hoffman, BAC Julia Ward Howe Winner in 2015, will be reading from her latest novel, The Rules of Magic, at the Brattle Theatre, 40 Brattle Street in Cambridge, MA at 6PM on November 1 

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